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BRC (British Retailer Concortium) Global Standard - Food

Firstly it is published as BRC Food Technical Standard by British Retailer Concortium in 1998. It is required by global food suppliers and the organizations providing products to British retailers. BRC Global Food Standard is designed for product suppliers to British retailers regardless of the product and origin of the country. Certification according to BRC standard provides protection to final consumer  while enables the producers, brand owners and retailers to comply with the legal requirements.

Standard especially requires: the establishment and continuity of HACCP system in the facility, application of documented and effective quality management system, and effective control of facility environmental standards, products, processes and personnel.

To comply with BRC standard food producers shall adopt 6 fundamental principle to their management system.

Those are ;

  • HACCP System
  • Quality Management System
  • Facility Management Standard
  • Product Control
  • Process Control
  • Personnel Capability, Hygiene and Training

BRC Global Food Standard, is catagorized according to processing of foods and detailed under 6 cover. During the application for certification, organizations shall choose the applicable category to themselves.

  1. Unprocessed meat and fish products (red, white meat, frozen, chilled fish,  other meat and fish products)
  2. Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetable products
  3. Chilled, frozen milk and milk products, egg
  4. Ready-to-eat or ready-to-cook chilled, frozen, cooked meat and fish products 
  5. Durable to environmental conditions, heat protected, hermetic canned food products

Other food products durable to environmental conditions (drinks, floury products, dried foods, candies and breakfast cereals, edible oils, food additives)

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