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It is a management System standard designed for Energy Management Systems, including requirements related to energy, management implementation and maintenance. Standard is a standard created by the International Standardization Organization. It is aimed to continuously improve energy performance and to ensure eenergy efficiency. ISO 50001 was published in June 2011 by the ISO organization. It is a standard applicable to all institutions regardless of location and size. The specific goal of ISO 50001 is Energy Performance Management. The institution sets numerical targets and plans some activities to achieve these targets. The main purpose of the standard is to increase energy performance and efficiency, identify energy reduction opportunities and assist environmental processes.
ISO management system is a standard designed in accordance with the standards. It is a standard that can be easily integrated into the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. The current version is ISO 50001: 2011.

The ISO 50001 standard has 7 basic articles
•   General conditions
•   Management's Responsibility
•   Energy policy
•   Energy action plan
•   Application and operation
•   Performance audits
•   Management review

Operation of the Standard

ISO 50001 provides organizations with a framework related to energy management
•   Developing policies for energy efficiency
•   Setting targets for meeting the policy
•   Using data on energy use
•   Measuring Results
•   Measuring the effectiveness of the policy
•   Continuous improvement in Energy Management

ISO 50001 focuses on the continuous improvement process for the environmental performance of the organization. The process is built on a plan
•   Plan
•   Apply
•   check it
•   take precaution

Planning Phase
Energy Management System determines a policy under the general responsibility of senior management. The energy team is assigned. The energy policy is communicated to all employees within the organization.

Implementation Phase the determined goals
processes and targets are implemented and their responsible people have been determined. Make sure that employees and other participants will fulfill their responsibilities regarding the energy management system.

control phase
Assessment of energy regulations requires a process. Internal audit will give an idea of ​​whether the planned results are achieved. Process controls are also measured beyond legal and other requirements.

Precautionary Stage
Senior management takes preventive actions regarding nonconformities according to the audit result reports.

ISO 50001: 2011 Certificate Process
ISO 50001 Certificate is a proof that all requirements of Energy Management are met. It creates an awareness on energy efficiency among customers, employees and all stakeholders. Another advantage of certification is that it provides continuous improvement.

Featured Energy Management System Training
All ISO 50001: 2011 trainings are open to general participation and can be organized specifically for your organization. (In this case, you can buy training per person much cheaper.) The fee is the same for up to 24 participants.

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