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Many electrical and electronic devices are used in residences and workplaces. Many machines and equipments with or without motor are used. An extremely wide range of textile products are used for both clothing and upholstery or accessories. A wide variety of foods are consumed for nourishment in daily life. Again, water is used for drinking or cleaning purposes. All these items carry various risks in terms of the health and safety of both the consumers during their use and the employees in the workplaces that produce them.

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Testing services performed by test and inspection organizations are of great importance in this regard. Engineers, high technicians, technicians or, in short, experts who have gained experience and training in their own fields, from inspection and surveillance studies to measurement, testing, analysis and evaluation studies, even some of the quality inspection and certification studies, are worth the production processes of the enterprises. and to make these businesses successful in global markets.
With the test services performed, an independent and impartial service is provided with expert employees on the one hand, and the product reliability of the enterprises as well as the salubrity of the products on the other hand.
For example, with physical tests for textile products, the durability of fabrics depending on the yarn and weaving quality is tested using devices produced with the latest technology and in accordance with the standard conditions determined by domestic and foreign organizations. The main tests conducted within this framework are tear strength, tensile strength, return elasticity, thread shear strength, abrasion resistance, pilling and accessory tests. In addition to physical tests, non-flammability tests, fastness tests, shrinkage tests, chemical tests, ecological tests, microbiology tests and some specific tests are also performed.
On the other hand, the restrictions on hazardous substances directive (RoHS) published in the European Union countries obliges businesses producing electrical and electronic devices to be subject to certain restrictions on the type and amount of chemicals they use in their products. With the test and measurement studies carried out within the scope of electrical safety tests, some chemical substances that are dangerous in terms of human health and environmental conditions and that are prohibited or allowed to be used in electrical and electronic devices are determined. In our country, the Regulation on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (in short, the EEE Regulation) was issued on the basis of this directive.
Gıda Food tests are carried out not only to determine the content and quality of food products, but also to ensure food safety. These tests are important for both food producing businesses to prove themselves and for consumers to reach more reliable food products. The tests and analyzes carried out are carried out according to both the current legal regulations, national and international standards and the specific criteria demanded by the producers and consumers.
In this context, the main services provided by testing and inspection organizations are:
    • Physical and chemical tests to detect nutritional values ​​of foods, various contaminants, pesticides, antibiotics and similar elements
    • Microbiological and biogenetic tests to detect indicator and pathogenic microorganisms or genetically modified products
    • Sensory tests to compare and evaluate food products with similar products on the market
    • Packaging tests to evaluate the quality of packaging and food contact products
Food tests can be done at any stage of various processes, from the production of foodstuffs to the consumers. Like many test and inspection organizations, our organization provides a range of measurement, testing, analysis, inspection and control services within the scope of testing services. These services can generally be grouped under the following headings:
    • Electrical safety tests
    • Environmental analysis
    • Textile analysis
    • Food analysis
    • Water analysis
Sectoral Analysis
Textile industry, food industry, electrical and electronics industry, industrial tests or environmental tests. All these test and analysis studies have three main objectives: protection of human health, protection of consumer rights and protection of the natural environment.
Considering these sectors, as well as the subsidiary sectors serving these sectors, both the number of employees in these sectors, the number of consumers using these products, and the types and sizes of the risks that occur in the production processes of these products and the damage they cause to the environment as waste after the end of their useful life are also frightening. in sizes.
For this reason, many official or private organizations, especially the World Health Organization (WHO), and of course state administrations, are trying to do their part.

Genel Gözetimler Resmi

Basically, it is possible to collect the studies on this subject under the following headings:
    • Legal regulations made in accordance with the domestic law of each country
    • Standards published by domestic and foreign organizations
    • Test and analysis methods accepted worldwide
In parallel with the development of technology, new machines are emerging every day in the industry, new products are designed, many products are offered to consumers, from clothing to foodstuffs, from electrical and electronic devices to all kinds of machines that make life easier. Although all these products seem harmless for today, it is not known exactly how much they affect human health and environmental conditions in the long term.
Measurements and tests are carried out and standards are set for how far away from the human body smart phones, which are among the indispensable items of today, should be carried.
It has been demonstrated with these tests and measurements that electrical devices both affect other devices with the electromagnetic waves they emit and are affected by other devices, and certain standards have been determined in this regard.
Additives added to foods give color, odor and flavor to food products, but on the other hand, how harmful the chemical substances they contain are to human health was determined by these test and analysis studies and the upper limit values ​​to be followed during their use were determined.
Apart from these, all businesses that offer a product to the market attach importance to the compliance of these products with safety-related standards and national and international legal regulations and to meet consumer expectations. In order to achieve this result, it has to perform measurement, testing, analysis and evaluation studies at various stages of production. This situation covers all kinds of products in the consumer products sector. On the one hand, this obligation is a situation brought about by competition conditions, but more importantly, it is necessary to gain reputation in the market, to be reliable and to be permanent.
In recent years, more attention has been paid to environmental conditions than ever before. The ecological balance of the world is getting worse. Climatic conditions are changing. Global warming makes itself felt more. Everyone has a responsibility to leave a more livable world to future generations. For this reason, it is everyone's responsibility to behave in a way that will not disturb the ecological balance of the world, respect the nature and be sensitive to environmental problems. But first of all, manufacturing companies need to feel this responsibility. In this respect, it is necessary to prefer production methods that will not harm the nature, and to keep the wastes left in the air, water and soil under constant control.
Like many test and inspection organizations, our organization provides a range of measurement, testing, analysis, inspection and control services within the scope of sectoral testing and analysis services. These services can generally be grouped under the following headings:
    • Textile tests
    • Food tests
    • Specific tests
    • Industrial tests
    • Environmental tests
    • Electrical tests
    • Conformity tests
Our organization acts with this sense of responsibility and carries out numerous tests and analysis studies for individuals and organizations, including the tests and analysis listed above.

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