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Created from the initials of 5 Japanese words, it is the principle of making even the smallest steps in businesses beneficial to the company.

   Seiri                  Classification
Seiton                 Editing
Seiso                  Cleaning
    Seiketsu           Standardization
Shitsuke              Appropriation

In short, it is the standardization of order and cleanliness in the enterprises and the ownership and protection by the employees. In Europe, the word Safety was added to 5S applications and turned into a 6S application.

Used by many companies all over the world for 100 years, explaining the steps necessary to reduce productivity losses and occupational accidents caused by irregularities in the working environment, showing application examples, explaining the preparation of forms,


  • What is 5S?
  • Explanation of 5S principles with examples
  • Explaining the 5S Process
  • Essentials of the 5S process
  • Showing 5S videos on related topics
  • Explaining the 6S job security step
  • Video Demonstration of 5S Application at Home
  • Example applications.
  • Which industries are suitable:
    Suitable for all sectors. Companies can easily apply it in their own business.

    Who should attend:
    The intermediate and first level managers of the organizations and the employees working under these people.

    1 day (6 hours)

    E-mail:egitim@kascert.com   E-mail: info@kascert.com

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